Winter tours in St. Petersburg

Were you told that winter time is not good to visit St. Petersburg? Do not believe it!

If you decide to come to St. Petersburg in winter you will fully enjoy the fantastic beauty of the city covered with snow.

There are also several things which you can do only in Russia and only in winter. You can have a famous «troika ride» which we can organize in the most beautiful park of Pavlovsk. If you come during New Year and Christmas time (Russian Christmas is after New Year — on the 7th of January) you will be able to visit Christmas Fairs and see the City beautifully decorated for the festive days. You will have a chance to enjoy the best ballets and operas in our most famous theaters for quite reasonable price.

We are pleased to say that the whole winter we have 15% off for guide service and 15% off for transport.

We can make a special individual program for you or offer:

White days tour package

(Valid from 1st of November to the 31st of March)

It’s a special suggestion for this very winter. The package includes 3 tours:

  • City tour including the Spilled Blood Cathedral — 3.5 hours
  • Hermitage Museum tour — 3 hours
  • The Catherine palace — 4 hours

You can have all these tours on different days or combine two of them in one day.

The cost of the package*:


№ of guests Price per person
US $
1 guest 389
2 guests 212
3 guests 163
4 guests 135
5 guests 115
6 guests 99

* The cost includes guide service, museum tickets, car service for the city tour and tour to the Catherine Palace. The tour of the Hermitage doesn’t include car service. You can walk to the museum or use public transport. Discount for children/students is 15 US $. Children under 6 will come complementary.

Russian Christmas Special offer

(Valid from the 20st of December to the 15st of January)

  • Tour of Pavlovsk including a visit to Pavlovsk Palace and a horse ride around the Park — 5 hours
  • Evening City Tour — New Year in St.Petersburg — 3 hours
    • you will see the most beautiful decorations and lights of the night city
    • have a stop near the largest New Year tree in the Palace Square
    • visit a Christmas Fare with a possibility to have Russian pies and some mulled wine
    • if your children travel with you — we can make special arrangements for Russian Farther Frost to leave presents for them under the New Year Tree

No doubt your children will enjoy such a trip. As for the parents — they will have a possibility to return to their childhood once more.

Item Package Intro

  • Duration: 3.5 hours
  • Direction: 1