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Soviet Project 613 (NATO Classification Whiskey Class) torpedo diesel-electric submarines of medium displacement were the first and the most numerous type of submarines built after the Great Patriotic War.

The technical design was developed by CDB-18 (nowadays called Rubin Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering) and approved by Soviet Government in August 1948. The first submarine was floated out of Krasnoye Sormovo Factory in October 1950 and commissioned into the Navy in 1951. Within the period from 1951 to 1958 two hundred and fifteen more units of Project 613 submarine were made in the USSR and twenty-one units – in China.

These submarines were serving in all fleets of Soviet Navy. Their primary purpose was to conduct military operations against enemy warships and transport ships, to lay mines, and to carry out reconnaissance. They had been on combat alert duty in oceans and seas until the late 80s of the 20th century. They were also used for testing new armaments and served as personnel training centers.

General military characteristics:
• Displacement surfaced – 1050tn
• Displacement submerged – 1350tn
• Length – 76m
• Beam – 6.3m
• Diving depth – 200m
• Complement – 54 98 officers)
• Endurance – 30 days
• Uninterrupted underwater endurance – 200 hours
• Maximum surfaced speed – 18,25 knots
• Maximum submerged speed – 13,1 knots
• Surfaced range at 10 knots – 8580 miles
• Submerged range at 2 knots – 350 miles

• 2 diesels of 2000 hp
• 2 main propulsion motors of 1350 hp
• 2 electric cruising motors of 50 hp

• 4 bow and 2 stern 533mm torpedo tubes
• Ammunition capacity: 12 torpedoes or 22 mines
• One 57 mm double barreled gun mount.

Rules for visiting the museum:
• Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs, children under 14 who are not supervised by adults are not admitted aboard the submarine.
• While on board the submarine it is prohibited to smoke or use a naked light, bring and drink alcohol,
• Bring glass bottles
• Enter enclosed spaces.

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