Alexander Pushkin is called the father of Russian literature. He is the most famous Russian poet, an author of more than 700 lyric poems and a large number of stories, dramas and short stories, the person who wrote more than 800 letters and interpreted folk tales, which are read by every child in Russia. It was a tragedy for Russia when he died at the age of 37 in the prime of his glory. Pushkin was mortally wounded at a duel, and died two days later in this flat in St. Petersburg. In this flat there is a museum now. The majority of rooms have been redecorated and furnished in a new way. The study, however, is preserved as if Pushkin has just left it. The exposition includes furniture, books and articles that belonged to the great poet. The library of the Pushkin Museum consists of about 4500 volumes in different languages. Among them there are the books by the authors whom Pushkin admired the most: Byron, Dante, Heine, Shakespeare and Voltaire.