Stone Heart of St. Petersburg


If you want to plunge into the history of the city and feel it from the inside, an excursion to the Peter and Paul Fortress would be an ideal option for you!

The fortress was laid down on May 27, 1703 by the order of Peter the Great. It was designed for protection against the Swedish attack in the Northern War. This date is considered as the beginning of St. Petersburg’s existence.

Subsequently, Peter and Paul Fortress did not participate in any battle. It has become not only the Senate headquarters, but also a political prison. Many famous Decembrists and writers like Bestuzhev brothers, Nikolai Chernyshevsky, Fedor Dostoevsky, Alexander Radishchev were sentenced to prison terms here.
On June 29, 1703 a small wooden church was laid in the name of the apostles Peter and Paul. Then it was rebuilt into a huge stone cathedral. This building used to be the tomb of the reigning House of Romanov. Russian emperors and empresses from Peter I to Nicholas II are buried here.

Currently, the Peter and Paul Fortress includes a whole complex of museums and various exhibits:
Peter and Paul Cathedral and the Grand Ducal Tomb
Museum of Science and Technology
Trubetskoy Bastion Prison
Museum of Old St. city
Tsar’s rooms of the Peter and Paul Cathedral
Poterna (fortress underground passage system)
Museum of Cosmonautics and Rocket Technology
Torture instruments of the Middle Ages

After visiting the fortress, we offer you a little rest and dinner at the coziest restaurant. Then we will take a no less interesting and historic walk to the Field of Mars, as it was called earlier «Amusing field» or «Tsaritsyn meadow».

Explore Saint-Petersburg with us!