During the city sightseeing tour you will see the most beautiful sights of the former Imperial capital of Russia. The golden spire of the Admiralty is one of the symbols of St.Petersburg and a compositional centre of the central part of the city. Three streets like a trident of Neptune come from the tower of the Admiralty, among which is the city’s main street — Nevsky Prospekt, a street of expensive shops and hotels, restaurants and cinemas. A lot of churches of different confessions are located on this street. The most remarkable ones of which are the ancient-looking Kazan Cathedral and the picturesque Church of Resurrection or Saviour the Spilt Blood Church, owing its second name to the cruel fact in the Russian history -the murder of the Russian Tsar Alexander II who was assassinated at this spot.

Not far from the Admiralty there is the main square of the city — the Palace Square. This architectural ensemble includes a majestic Empire style building of General Staff, the Alexander Column, the monument glorifying the Russian Emperor Alexander I, the winner of the war of 1812 against Napoleon, and the former residence of the Russian Tsars — Winter Palace, magnificent building of the Russian baroque style. Now the halls of the palace contain the works of art of the collection of the biggest museum of Russia — the Hermitage.

From the Palace square one can see the golden dome of St Isaac’s Cathedral, one of the biggest large-domed cathedrals in the world. From the viewing platform of the upper colonnade of the cathedral one can admire a splendid panorama of the city. At the other side of the cathedral near the Neva river there is one more city’s landmark- an equestrian statue to its founder Peter the Great, better known as the Bronze Horseman.

The Point of Vasilievsky Island is the favourite place of the locals and guests of the city. Here one can have a magnificent view of the city and the city’s oldest construction — the Peter and Paul Fortress. The highest building of the fortress is the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul with its golden spire dominating over the flat banks of the city’s low-lying islands. It also is the last resting place of the Russian Tsars of the Romanov dynasty.

Close to the Peter and Paul Fortress in the Bigger Nevka river there is another object of note attracting the guests of the city — Aurora Battleship, famous for being a symbol of the October Revolution of 1917, as the blank shot fired from Aurora on 25th of October was a signal to start the storm of the Winter Palace. At all the remarkable sights of the city the tourists usually have photostops during the sightseeing tour which generally lasts for 4 hours.

One can refer to the city’s unique things a phenomenon of White Nights, the period that lasts from late May to the mid-July during which it never gets dark at night. City tour by one of such nights will give an opportunity to enjoy the city’s beautiful sights, bring a great pleasure and unforgettable memories!