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Treasure Gallery can be found in the Hermitage because it is like a small museum inside a big one. It was arranged when Catherine the Great was at the throne in the end of 18th century. Nowadays it has two different departments.

The first one is called Gold Room and has about 1500 works in it that date back to the period of time from the 7th century B. C. to the 19th century A. D. These pieces come from Eurasia, the Black Sea Littoral in antiquity and the Orient.

The second department is called and was arranged to show how the jeweler’s craft has been developed within several centuries, the period of time is from the third millennium B. C. to the beginning of the 20th century. The way the jewelers’ art was developed in Saint-Petersburg, Russia differed a lot from the same process in other cities of Russia and in Europe. Quite many craftsmen from Moscow moved to the capital of Russia to continue working here, St Petersburg at that time, as well as very skillful masters from different parts of Europe. As a result, the biggest part of Diamond Room collection now consists of different pieces of jewelry made by European specialists. It is greatly associated with the names of highly qualified European jewelers, such as Jeremie Pauzie, Jean-Francois Xavier Boudde, Johann Gottlieb Scharff and others. Members of the imperial court and of the highest society of Russia sponsored very often the creation of watches and clocks, rings, necklaces, snuffboxes and other precious things. Talking about the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century Carl Faberge and the masters of his workshop continued the traditions of jewelers craft in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Your guided tour of Diamond or Gold Room in the Hermitage can be the part of the general Hermitage private tour or can be a special Diamond or Gold Room Tour in the Hermitage. Please inform us about your preferences and we will be happy to arrange Diamond or Gold guided tour in the Hermitage for you. Book more than one tour with us to get a great discount!

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